Get set, Go!

For many years I have loved with such complete passion and adoration what I do.

I have spent my entire adult and some of my adolescent life involved in the industry in some way, whether it was working as a waiter, a line cook, front of house manager, caterer, trainee, head chef, owner.

The narcissistic indulgences of fine dining in particular held my heart between its unforgiving hands for the better part of ten years.

Being a chef has taken me all over the world – restaurants of my beloved Cape Town to cuisine being discovered across the globe.  And if anything has gone wrong, it’s that I am eternally left with the desire to discover more, see more, be more.

Living paycheck to paycheck, through sickness and injury, or spending the very last cent of carefully gathered savings to go see the out of the way sights.

And then everything stopped with two simple lines, leading me not to a new city as I had planned or new continent to be explored.  It came with a strange new title as well:




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