Pregnant Identity crisis


I’ll let it slide if at this point you might be convinced that I’m one of those  people who can’t tell the difference between pets and children.  To be brutally honest, all things considered – including that I never anticipated getting pregnant ever – my dogs are like my kids.

My youngest pooch however has as previously mentioned decided that I’m carrying her offspring.  In fact, when other people get too close she is inclined to show her displeasure at the fact and lays claim to what she reckons is hers.  Only my best friend and parents are allowed to touch in her opinion.  Even my bestie’s five year old son is allowed to feel a few kicks under her strict supervision and she’ll let let it be known when ‘touchy feely time’ is over.

Photo on 04-11-2013 at 16.59 #2I’ve been fairly astounded at her reaction the past few months.  She became very protective immediately and as my belly grows she sticks to our side even more. During my trip to Germany to deliver the news in person to the dad she became distraught at my disappearance and it took her days to return to normal and allow me to even shower with the door closed.

I was waiting to see her get a little shock when she would be kicked for the first time – Nuh uh – she loves it and must straddle my belly to feel more.

Should be interesting when dad moves in later this year…



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