WHAT YOU DIDN’T EXPECT: 05 – The lights are on but nobody’s home…


Instead of thinking of my Bûche de Noël my mind froze on breastfeeding for the new year.

Racy thoughts of the daddy-to-be, well they became self-help lists of how a daddy bonds with a newborn.

My mind has taken a short-cut through preggerville and broken down on Baby Street…

It’s really not that bad a thing, although I do try and keep in mind that the people around me might not be that into hearing about the different kinds of nappies I’ve purchased to try out (“you can never be sure which ones will work best!”)  and definitely do my best to stay on track with my interest when discussing the awesome new kitchen gadget – I still like that too you know!

But like I said,  the online search for a long desired ice-cream maker has fallen away to be replaced by the search for the perfect bottle steriliser.

One day…


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