“Pretty dresses, Little Curls, Oh thank heaven for little girls!”

“I’m not complaining, but…”  It’s the phrase that seems to have come out of my mouth most often over the past week.  I feel so awful every time I say it that I actually apologise over and over again for the dirty deed.

Earlier this year the fearful suggestion by my significant other that I may be pregnant planted a seed of excitement in me.  However I told myself to get over it since there was as much chance of my getting pregnant as our national soccer team winning the World Cup.

When I eventually found out that I was actually pregnant three weeks later I was super excited and exceptionally confused.  As mentioned previously I was planning on seeing some new destinations, visa applications were under way.  Now this new development cancelled everything out.

I’ve learnt that it’s especially the people who tend to depend too much on fixed ideas that benefit most from the unexpected.  At the moment I definitely see myself as being the more practical part of our cross continental relationship, depending less on books and more on experience.  But the only thing I’m expecting after birth is the unexpected.

And one of the most unexpected parts of being pregnant was my ‘little boy’ actually being a little girl.  Hoorah!


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