Simply irresistible

A food craving in my mind seems to signify that something can be sated. I’ve been having food demands.
I cannot pass a bowl of rocket (arugula) or jelly beans without munching a healthy portion of it. I want the rocket in my salads, side salads, wraps, sandwiches – toasted and not , mixed in with pasta, on its own. I really don’t care as long as I get it. So much that I will have a stash of my favorite beans hidden away from my partner who seems to have a black hole for a stomach eating everything in sight whether he likes it or not.


Other things in the running would be:

Fresh bread out of the oven, with a rich slather of butter
Strawberry frozen yoghurt
Soft oozy cheeses – soon…

I’m so glad that I work in the food industry.


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