To boldly go – goals for 2014

I’ve not been one to make resolutions. I have a hard enough time remembering where the other sock in the pair that I want to wear was placed (the dog basket!), never mind the choices that are supposed to redefine your life or you as a person.
That said there are some things that I intend to strive for this year, being that it will be a year unlike any other.

– get back into shape, healthily so I can be a good example for my daughter
– breastfeed my daughter as long as she wants, it’s about her and not outside opinion
– find the perfect nanny to enable me to have the little one with me at work
– not get annoyed with the things I could swear my partner does just to rev me up.

I think that is about the most a new mother could expect from herself in the first year.


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