When you’re at the end of your rope…it’s ok since it’s sure to snap!

This is what I get for working until 39 weeks and a bit pregnant.  I’m irritable, uncomfortable, irritable because I’m uncomfortable, sleep deprived during a time I was counting on counting some serious sheep and ready for bébé to come out now.

Every day I’ve had the fullest intention of booting up and writing a post to keep up with the Daily Post Challenges.  That sincere intention just kept on turning into me rolling over in bed and starting another episode in my Grey’s Anatomy re-runathon.

Right now I’m overdue (not fun for someone who like routines and schedules – great practise for having kids!).  The options of induction and possible C-Section was raised during what I had hoped would be my final antenatal doctor’s visit.  It would seem that not only is she in absolutely no hurry to evacuate her little cave, but she’s moving in and out of place. Definitely her father’s child.  Better luck next week.

My doula and midwife have both recommended a long list of things to bring on labour.  Great stuff since the OBGYN just wants to induce medically – something I’ve been very against since the beginning of this journey.

I’m hoping a fierce curry will do the trick before having to resort to natural sources of prostaglandin and friends.


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