Eat my dust

My little one is now three months old and I feel the need to brag.

To quote my OBGYN at my six-week visit: ‘People must hate you!’super-mom

Let me tell you why.  I had gone back to work full-time two weeks after having a c-section, kept myself even busier aside from my admin and kitchen duties by experimenting with lactation biscuits until I found the combination that tasted the best and really did a good job and managed to keep the house hold up and running – all this alone while my partner had to leave the country at the same time I went back to work.

I was able to take my baby with me to work, thus enabling my early return.  She slept through the night from the beginning so I wasn’t tired.  In fact she gave no problems whatsoever.  If there ever was a happy content baby she’s it.  My little one loves to smile at everyone in between her naps in the kitchen or while being touted around by her new baby sitter.  She ignores me completely from 9am to 4pm as if she knows it’s not mommy time.  Getting her to breastfeed during this time has sometimes proved challenging as a result!

My biggest problem has presented itself a little differently.  I have been adamant from the beginning that I would breastfeed.  Bébé was a week old when my milk supply started to struggle.  But being adamant and insistent on this point I have managed to bring my supply back up.  Being a chef didn’t hurt this point at all.  Yummy biscuits anyone?

And yes, I do feel like Super Mom.



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