First times – Baby’s first road trip

As mentioned elsewhere I am a first time mom of little miss awesome.  Easter looms ahead of us and I have decided to close down the restaurant for a few days.  My best friend then came up with the solid idea of going away for the weekend to my parents beach house.  Now said house is only about 160km away, but compared to the 5 km’s I drive with Bébé to work every day it seems a daunting distance.  Add on that we decided to take one (very spacious and comfortable car) for us, baby and her son.

1337918547090_977543I immediately started to wonder if there was any special requirements of going away with a small infant.  The logistical considerations: Do I drive or do I allow my partner to drive a road that he doesn’t know and I have traveled on since forever.  Do I leave the stroller at home and only take the carrier.  Do we reduce the traveling time once there and take with every conceivable item we might need? How do we entertain and keep a six-year-old sane and cooperative with a baby that requires near constant tending too.

All the 100’s and 1000’s of things that I would or could take with for her comes to mind: toys, all her clothes, baby bath and bath time goodies, diapers and wipes, medication and toys, formula, bottles, steriliser, – oh dear I haven’t bought a travel cot yet – … I actually feel tired just thinking of it all

When I remind myself that even if I like to plan every last detail about every last thing, the truth really is that thoughts and ideas like that goes flying out the window first.

So here’s my final list of things I’m taking with for our three-day trip.

Her standard diaper bag (loaded up with three change of clothes for every day, bottles and formula) and a full pack of diapers that I plan on buying on the way home tonight.

Her continental pillow to sleep on

Sun screen to protect her during her first time on the beach

And most importantly a camera with fully charged battery, empty memory cards to capture every last moment.

I’ve survived and thrived through the first three months of being a new mom.  I think I can handle three days away from home.



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